EAE BIM solutions in Digital Construction Strategy

EAE BIM solutions in Digital Construction Strategy

EAE BIM solutions in Digital Construction Strategy - Revolution continues
With technology development process, the construction industry is quickly digitized and adopts an electronic format, in this regard, many global brands are striving to switch to digital industry standards that are proving their effectiveness worldwide. The modeling technologies application in the design process will achieve savings of up to 10-20% on the construction of the facility. In addition, the BIM (information modeling of buildings) should reduce administrative barriers and time of project construction, the programs for BIM modeling include functions for the automated calculation of the properties and characteristics of the project. As a result, fewer engineers can work on the construction of one building, since many processes are carried out by a smart program. BIM model required by all participants in the construction and helps to automate quality control. Any error - for example, the intersection of elements - is immediately highlighted and it easy to correct.

EAE is a global brand in the world of electrical products therefore our team is closely monitoring innovations in the digital world. We are constantly evolving and striving to provide the best opportunities in the field of BIM modeling. BIM application becoming mandatory in many construction projects, specifications and electrical sectors. As EAE, we strive to support architects, contractors, engineering system designers and managers working with BIM projects by providing them with open access to the Smart Revit family and Plug-ins designed for EAE ELEKTRIK products. For BIM modeling we use such program as Revit, Aveva and Haxagon. Presently our specialists prepared families and Plug-ins of the Busbar Distribution SystemCable Tray SystemSupport System and Lighting Products which you can find and successfully download in the "Support" section on the company website.

Cable Tray systems of EAE Elektrik are integrated with AVEVA-E3D and SMARTPLANT3D programs in the facility design modeling system for 3D project design. AVEVA-E3D lead 3D design to a new performance level and opens up many additional opportunities. The solution is fully compatible with all AVEVA Technologies for developing diagrams and drawings, working in a three-dimensional environment and managing information. SmartPlant 3D optimizes engineering design processes while retaining essential data and making it more usable / reusable. BIM technology plays a massive role in improving energy efficiency in construction by assisting contractors in visualizing each stage in the construction process, which streamlines the process and reduces waste. This is providing many benefits, such as the automatic assignment of busbar modules and cable tray section according to the product group, the ability to add and remove junction boxes type of Plug-in and Bolt-on in accordance with the required denomination.